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Sales & Social Media

“How do I get leads on social media?” Better yet, “if I don’t really like the idea of sales, can I get clients and customers on social media?” If you’ve worked with Claudia Adair, founder of Transform & Perform Coaching & Consulting, then you’re familiar with a more authentic approach to sales. It doesn’t feel like you’re selling when you’re genuinely helping someone reach their goals.

How does this translate to social media? You need to be clear on the need you meet for your audience to create a great sales strategy. On Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, that clarity is the start of sustainable community on social media.

Sound Social Media Strategy

A simple yet solid social media strategy covers your:

  • Goals, rooted in your business strategy
  • Audience, those who most need, value and invest in you
  • Tactics, based on your audience’s engagement style
  • Content strategy, at least your content calendar and key sources

but even the most effective strategy works best with your authentic voice. People connect with people.

Sales through Authenticity Online

I always say entrepreneurs have a unique advantage on social media that big brands don’t – they still get to connect and relate as individuals, as people.

Big brands can certainly say “good morning”, express sympathy and say “contact us” when they have solutions for followers, but solo entrepreneurs and small business owners can genuinely:

  • Add personal anecdotes to your “good morning” posts
  • Express genuine sympathy when individual followers share personal woes, and
  • Most importantly, say “inbox me” when followers or prospects express immediate needs

In Their Shoes

Turn the tables. Who do you relate best to on social media? If you have a pressing need, who would be easiest to relate to? Just some food for thought. [300 words]

Author, Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA

Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, is the president, founder and strategy consultant at Successiory (Inc), a boutique social media consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Driven by her passion to empower others to do more and earn more so they have time to live life, Crystal-Marie has developed the E.A.S.Y. Social Media Strategy Program. A 5-week course dedicated to empowering service-based entrepreneurs to create meaningful social media community that fits their busy schedules, she also saves clients at least 520 hours a year.

Successiory also offers annual networking workshops, social media management for those who’ve completed the strategy program and consulting services on retainer.

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My decision to call Claudia for help with the sales side of my business is by far the best one I have made since becoming an entrepreneur.  In the few months we have been working together I have seen a measurable increase in both sales numbers and ROI, but also in the number of “yes” responses our pitches receive. Far from being an uncomfortable, necessary evil to gain new clients, sales has become a natural, organic process that is actually enjoyable.  Clear, actionable advice and invaluable, relevant tools have taken us to the next level, thanks Claudia!
Anastasia Antonakis, Principal at Incite Creative Media House