sales leaders

Sales Leaders

For Entrepreneur, small business or medium-sized (SME), at every level of business, performance and leadership matters. the success of your sales team means overall business success and sustainability. Sales has an impact on both, but you determine whether or not that impact is positive.

Are you in a state of flux?

  • You have great sales strategies, systems and resources in place, but not the results that go with it.
  • You know you have the right people on your sales team, but you’re not clear on how to ensure they really connect for stellar performance.
  • You believe in your sales people, but you know they need better direction on sales. The question is, are you clear on how to best grow and develop your sales force?

TAP will help you get clearer on these issues

  • You wish you didn’t have to ‘micro-manage’ to get results.
  • You wish you didn’t need to come up with all the creative ideas.
  • You wish you knew how to better empower your sales people.
  • You’re not enjoying this as much as you used to.

Work with me

  • Inspire your team to own their results.
  • Engage your team in the company vision – let them be brand ambassadors.
  • Find meaningful ways to develop and empower your team.
  • Mobilize a more focused, more energized sales team.

TAP Solutions for Sales Leaders


  • Personal Selling Inventory using ASSESS Performance Tool
  • Sales Strategy Check
  • Sales System Check
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Sales Training


  • Establishing Your Personal Leadership Style
  • Eliminating Barriers to Success
  • Shadow Coaching (Real-Time Feedback)
  • Growing Your Capacity to Influence using TILT 365 Positive Influence Predictor


  • Building Engaged & Productive Teams using TILT 365 Positive Influence Predictor
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My decision to call Claudia for help with the sales side of my business is by far the best one I have made since becoming an entrepreneur.  In the few months we have been working together I have seen a measurable increase in both sales numbers and ROI, but also in the number of “yes” responses our pitches receive. Far from being an uncomfortable, necessary evil to gain new clients, sales has become a natural, organic process that is actually enjoyable.  Clear, actionable advice and invaluable, relevant tools have taken us to the next level, thanks Claudia!
Anastasia Antonakis, Principal at Incite Creative Media House