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  • You’re wearing a lot of hats with the same 24/7 as the rest of us. You barely have time for sales.
  • You seem to be spending a lot of money on marketing but you have no idea if it’s working.
  • You have business – that’s why you’re busy – but do you know what your sales team is doing to close business?
  • Do you know what you’re doing that’s working or not working? Where do you stand relative to the competition? What’s unique about you?

Not that you’re complaining about success – sales are great – it would just be great to be able to gauge when the business will come in, to better plan cash flow, inventory, profits, growth and business cycles in general.

You’d really like to give your sales team better guidance but, the fact is, you’re not sure what to do and you’re not particularly comfortable with this side of business.

TAP will help you get clearer on these issues

  • You wish you could spend less on marketing and get more clients.
  • It seems to take so long to get customers to sign.
  • You wish you knew how to get your sales people to be more empowered.
  • You’re having trouble articulating how your services are better.

Work with me

  • Work smarter with a sales strategy and clear sales systems for a self-directed sales force.
  • Get more customers with lower marketing costs.
  • Make forecasting sales and business cycles clearer.
  • Mobilize a more focused, more energized sales team.

TAP Solutions for Small/Medium Business


  • Leverage your natural strength in selling
  • Crystallize your Unique Value Proposition
  • Create your compelling appointment setting process
  • Craft your unique FACE 2 FACE sales consultation
  • Confidently grow your client base!


  • Personal Selling Inventory using ASSESS Performance Tool
  • Sales Strategy Check
  • Sales System Check
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Sales Training


  • Establishing Your Personal Sales Style
  • Eliminating Barriers to Success
  • Shadow Coaching (Real-Time Feedback)
  • Growing Your Capacity to Influence using TILT 365 Positive Influence Predictor


  • Building Engaged & Productive Teams using TILT 365 Positive Influence Predictor
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My decision to call Claudia for help with the sales side of my business is by far the best one I have made since becoming an entrepreneur.  In the few months we have been working together I have seen a measurable increase in both sales numbers and ROI, but also in the number of “yes” responses our pitches receive. Far from being an uncomfortable, necessary evil to gain new clients, sales has become a natural, organic process that is actually enjoyable.  Clear, actionable advice and invaluable, relevant tools have taken us to the next level, thanks Claudia!
Anastasia Antonakis, Principal at Incite Creative Media House